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Scottish Wildcat

“The Cairngorm Wildcat Project – Saving the Highland Tiger”

Scottish Wildcat - The Highland Tiger

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The Scottish wildcat has become extremely rare. It’s much rarer than the Bengal tiger.
In fact, experts believe there could be as few as 400 left in the wild.
This makes the wildcat one of Britain’s most endangered species.  

Scottish Wildcat   Scottish Wildcat

Wildcats have endured centuries of habitat loss;
they’ve been hunted for fur and have been killed as vermin.
The Scottish wildcat is our only remaining native feline.
As a predator, it plays a crucial role in our ecosystems.

Scottish Wildcat   Scottish Wildcat

It is rooted in Scotland’s natural heritage, an untameable spirit admired by the people of the Highlands for centuries. The wildcat is everything it is to be wild.
It is a creature to admire.
To safeguard its future would be something we can all be proud of.
Letting it slip away is surely not an option.

Save the Highland Tiger campaign

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this elusive and endangered Scottish Wildcat

This unique wildcat conservation project has kicked off in the Cairngorms National Park one of the animal’s strongholds. Saving the wildcat is not a five minute job. We need lots of help from lots of people.
In the coming years, the Highland Tiger partners will be working hard to:

  • Secure the future of Scottish wildcats through practical conservation and research.
  • To raise awareness of the plight of the Scottish wildcat.
  • Promote public support for wildcat conservation.

  • If we fail, the wildcat becomes extinct – it’s that simple.

    Visit the web site to learn more about this project by clicking the leaflet
    or by visiting
    The partner steering group

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